Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hillary Clinton

George W. Bush

These yearbook photos of famous people are my current favourites. Some of them look so much like the celebrity we know (see GWB above) and some of them take a little bit more thought (this means you, Pamela).

Debbie Harry

Dolly Parton*

* Who is my favourite person ever and you should go see Joyful Noise because it's amazing and YOU WILL LOVE IT.


It's finally gotten cold in Durham. The nanny-ed baby, Ida, and I have been going to the NC Museum of Life and Science about twice a week to sit on the hot butterfly house to look at tropical blossoms. Outside, trees are starting to bloom.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

We are taking down our tree this weekend (wait until after epiphany - prolong the joy). We had to have a wee tree this year so it could fit on my best friend from high school's stereo (she just moved out today but we're keeping the stereo for a wee while). At first I was upset about the teeny tree but with all our ornaments on it and all the coloured lights it seemed old fashioned and sweet and wonderful. I am sad to have to say goodbye to our second Christmas tree.