Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Flower Girls

Are wearing these dresses. They came and look lovely. And THAT is all we will say about THAT.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dumb dumb dumb Hannah

It's almost one am on Saturday, in nine hours I am suppose to be at a bridal salon an hour away, I do not have the number or address of this bridal salon. My wedding co-ordinator does. She is asleep. Like normal people. This salon just moved so the google doesn't have their info. I should have been more together about this. At least I remembered to put my Spanx in my overnight bag before heading to my parents' summer house to spend the night? Eff.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


RSVP cards make me want to punch a baby. Miss Manners and Emily Post all say that people can damn well tell me if they are coming of not. Paper Source says that RSVP cards cost as much as invitations plus stamps plus envelopes. I say that people can reply by email or phone for f*cksake. I might get over this.


What the hell is with all this yumyumsauce and can I please have some?


The invitations are unbelievably beautiful. I cheaped out and had them flat printed, I nearly had a major emotional breakdown at the thought of trying to get a printer not to bugger them up if I designed them myself so I succumbed to the lovely of Paper Source and they are everything I wanted.

I am also in an intensive six-week training course for my new job which I hate, both the training and the job. So I've kind of disappeared but I'll be back. I promise.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

One doesn't outgrow..

Dollhouses like this.


I've been absent lately, a direct result of the lack of inspiration in my life at the moment. I've been promoted at work and although I am grateful and excited with my new position the negative aspects are longer hours, more responsibility, and very little time to look at and think about happy beautiful things. Right now my life consists of work, food, and sleep. I keep telling myself it's going to pay off in the future but that doesn't stop me from wanting to crawl into bed and stay there for a week. I'm in need of a vacation. Alone. This is something I must plan.

Last week I did, however, find a lovely blue glass bottle at a flea market and it has made its home on my bookshelf.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This is what love is

Today was my third day at my new job and my first day in a six week training course which will teach me to be the girl who calls you when you use your credit card in Spain and says "excuse me, are you in Spain? No? Alright, your card's been nicked." So not a good day. And then there was taxes. Which were not as nice as we might have liked them to be. And then there was a meeting with a caterer who talked to be about table skirts and risers stupid stupid drapings and flowings and faffings with fabric and I just wanted to DIE. And I'm surfing the crimson wave (thank you Alicia). David just called me from the liquor store and told me he's picking me up a milkshake and fries and do I want chicken nuggets too? Because love is beer and drive-thru McDonalds for your whiny girlfriend. Yep. It is. I know you wondered.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Wish...

That it were July 19th and that the wedding has all through and done with and that David and I were here. New job is a little scary and I wish we were done with this phase.

Oh oh oh

I want this. For a while I was seriously considering getting married in December just so I could wear a fur coat to leave my reception. It's so so so lovely.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Brief Update/In Defense of Crafts

Not as much packing has gotten done as one might like at my mum and dad's house but I set about using my mother's tiny craft drill to make peg doll Hannah and peg doll David. Some people I really respect in the wedding bloggy universe are pretty anti craft/anti DIY. If you are not a DIY person then getting really really into making peg people in the months leading up to your wedding seems like a really bad idea. If you are, in general, a super insane crafty maniac (I made tulle flower hairclips and glued feathers onto bobby-pins and make pushpins and magnets and paper cranes like no one's business) then it makes sense to craft like usual for your wedding. Which is a long winded explanation of why I am making these. Also because I don't have an extra $135 for the real thing.

I'm not posting a how-to because they aren't my idea and you can kind of figure it out if you need to. I'm kind of figuring it out as I go. When they're though I'll post pictures. The littlest sister found a three dollar frame and an estate sale and is painting it white for a chalkboard. We haven't yet done the chalkboard painting. We'll see how that goes.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

For new apartments, married life

I would like this to keep all my friends information in, all my relatives. Everybunny.