Friday, August 31, 2012


There are few things in life as satisfying as pinning something gorgeous and too expensive and then finding it the next day on super sale when you have a happy-birthday 15% off card.    I'm going to go ahead and say that it looks prettier on a a Hannah then it does on a mannequin.  I hope you have a weekend full of gorgeous things.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bullet Points

  • I had a job interview today.  I don't think it went well which is a shame because it's a fantastic job and would give me the experience grad school says I need to have before I apply.
  • My feet hurt so royally on the way to and from the interview that I stopped on my way home and bought the faux Toms above in the ghetto.  Sometimes I really, really like ghetto shoes.  
  • This waiting for an employer to call you back and give you a job so you can stop walking the dog and day-smoking is so dreadful.  I know once I get a job the days I spent cooking and applying for jobs and reading blogs will seem like a magical luxury but now they just feel lonely and long.
  • Does anyone else have a partner in law school?  Will I ever see him again?
  • I really resolved to quit the moving-stress-smoking habit once I moved but now it's just become the job-hunting-stress-smoking habit.
  • I am currently living 0.4 miles away from the house of my best friend from high school - until she moved to Durham to be near me. 
  • But I spent the weekend with my family and my sister tres is coming for dinner tomorrow and my dad and I are going to grab breakfast on Friday before the DMV.
  • Transitions are not easy for me.  

Friday, August 24, 2012


I've been hanging photos of my family around our flat.  My brother and I wearing aviators my freshman year of college in a pink frame on my desk; my cousins and sisters on the steps outside an Edinburgh house on the wall in the hall; my mother in black and white in the seventies.  At some point one of my sisters posted a bunch of old photos of my parents and their friends.  It's so funny to see my siblings faces reflected in my young parents.

My mother looking like my sister Jessie. 

 My mother looking gorgeous.
 Making a Hannah-face
My twin sisters are identical but one looks like my mother and the other like my father.  My dad is making the most Ellen of faces here.

Something about this picture of my uncle, maybe the way he is sitting, reminds me of my brother.

And grandma and grandpa on the lake.  Looking magnificent.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


We are here.  Unpacked and the art is up (some of the art - our bedroom is still a bit of a mess).  I am applying for jobs and I am painting large swatches of colour on the walls and trying to decide if I can branch out of the world of grey.  

 Roger likes the view from our big, big windows.  The cat spends hours in a patch of sun on our bed.   I spent last weekend trying to organize our lives here.  Sorting our car (Washington DC city services are the worst.  Worst than Mississippi), getting a library card, taking my laptop back to the Mac Store a million times.  This week I'm at home.  Doing laundry, painting, applying for jobs.  We are so much closer to home that I'm struggling not to just run home and go swimming everyday.  My father and I are going to a yoga class this evening and then eating crockpot chili.

Our cups and bowls and tea pot are up on shelves.  I perhaps should have waited until I painted the kitchen before I put up all these crazy brackets.  Oh well.