Wednesday, August 22, 2012


We are here.  Unpacked and the art is up (some of the art - our bedroom is still a bit of a mess).  I am applying for jobs and I am painting large swatches of colour on the walls and trying to decide if I can branch out of the world of grey.  

 Roger likes the view from our big, big windows.  The cat spends hours in a patch of sun on our bed.   I spent last weekend trying to organize our lives here.  Sorting our car (Washington DC city services are the worst.  Worst than Mississippi), getting a library card, taking my laptop back to the Mac Store a million times.  This week I'm at home.  Doing laundry, painting, applying for jobs.  We are so much closer to home that I'm struggling not to just run home and go swimming everyday.  My father and I are going to a yoga class this evening and then eating crockpot chili.

Our cups and bowls and tea pot are up on shelves.  I perhaps should have waited until I painted the kitchen before I put up all these crazy brackets.  Oh well. 


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  2. It's beautiful! Congratulations on being mostly settled in. Now I want kitchen shelves just like yours & the beautiful bowls that adorn them. Sending you plenty of job hunting luck and strength!

  3. It really does look like home.