Monday, August 27, 2012

Bullet Points

  • I had a job interview today.  I don't think it went well which is a shame because it's a fantastic job and would give me the experience grad school says I need to have before I apply.
  • My feet hurt so royally on the way to and from the interview that I stopped on my way home and bought the faux Toms above in the ghetto.  Sometimes I really, really like ghetto shoes.  
  • This waiting for an employer to call you back and give you a job so you can stop walking the dog and day-smoking is so dreadful.  I know once I get a job the days I spent cooking and applying for jobs and reading blogs will seem like a magical luxury but now they just feel lonely and long.
  • Does anyone else have a partner in law school?  Will I ever see him again?
  • I really resolved to quit the moving-stress-smoking habit once I moved but now it's just become the job-hunting-stress-smoking habit.
  • I am currently living 0.4 miles away from the house of my best friend from high school - until she moved to Durham to be near me. 
  • But I spent the weekend with my family and my sister tres is coming for dinner tomorrow and my dad and I are going to grab breakfast on Friday before the DMV.
  • Transitions are not easy for me.  

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