Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some Things

We are almost all unpacked although I haven't yet found the CD of all the photos so in the mean time here are some weird things about being married and moving to a new city.

1) I have to share my Netflix queue, this is a lot more involved than sharing money
2) The things that have sentimental value to me don't have sentimental value to David, so the lamp that was my grandma's just looks like an old lady lamp to him. He also has weird-ass taste in lamps.
3) I am so afraid that I am going to lose my identity and become a WIFE that I cry when I cook breakfast

Saturday, June 26, 2010

We Are Making Candles

Because we cannot make sisters-in-law love me, and we cannot make more money and we cannot make time move more slowly. I have made 40 of these buggers with a 50lb bag of soy wax and have only about 40 more to make. Our papel picado arrived, and our bistro lights, and David is power washing my parents barn tomorrow, and I am putting in my 2 weeks notice at my soul crushing job and I am packing the glasses and frying pans and bowls that people who love us have given us, and I am packing the painting of the street my grandmother lived on in Connecticut in 1963 and the table cloth my parents bought for their wedding in their apartment in 1979. I am sewing a comb onto my grandmother's veil so I can wear it. I am cudding my dog and cat a lot. I am wrapping people I love around my like a wool blanket and drinking lots of tea. I sunburned my nose today in the pool. Three weeks from tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

3.5 Weeks

Things have been rough in wedding land. Like crying for two hours on the morning of the bridal shower because my fsil doesn't want David to marry me rough. Like some people didn't show up when my parents invited his family over for dinner so they could meet because those people were angry about stupid things rough, Like, throwing up at work because I'm so nervous rough.

This past weekend we had Bridal Shower, bachelorette party, my dad moved into his new apartment in the city, my mom tried to unpack the entire country house because everyone moved back, we did meet the parents, we learned that David is starting a new job hundreds of miles away before the wedding, we learned that I was going to have to quit my job immediately, we learned that David's sister hates me more than anything and doesn't want us to get married, we learned that we don't have enough money to pay for the wedding.

Things have been kind of rough.

Monday, June 7, 2010

I love

These flowers so much my eyes hurt.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


The kitchen will be gutted next week and the renovation will begin. A deck will be added and I want outside lanterns. Because I've never had a deck to be lit with pretty lanterns in my life. A happy, beautiful new kitchen/ deck is making me not want to move out of my house. Which is probably bad. So anyway, lanterns for outside! In my world, I'd have a ready supply of these:

Lantern outside Notre-Dame Basilica, Montreal


Today my first batch of RSVP cards came in. We got the gorg Paper Source Invitations and my gorgous best friend Mary did the calligraphy. Because the paper source RSVPs were the same price again as the invitation, and I am very poor I found the botanical print of a peony and hacked it down and had it printed by a local printer as a postcard, tied them to the invites with very very thin grey wool from my parents sheep (so basically free, hip and organic but mostly free). I also gave in to the mad multi-stamp craze. I know I'm biased but I think they are they are the most beautiful invitations anyone ever had. Just saying.

David Gets Pants

Mini David that is. The tie is just a stand in until we decide what colour ties the real guys will be wearing. Fruit cake here they come.


According to everyone I am about 43 days away from Wedding Zen (wedding is 44 days away) and while I am looking forward to that I would also really really be into Wedding Sleep, or even Wedding Mellow-Morning. I am really over Wedding-it's-two-in-the-morning-and-I-can't-sleep-because-of-all-the-twitchy-things-in-my-mind-and-the-12-coffees-out-of-an-instant-coffee-machine-I-had-today-at-work-in-order-to-make-up-for-not-sleeping-at-all-last-night-because-I-was-twitchy-then-too-and-eff-my-life-I'm-moving-tomorrow.

Yep. F*ck zen, I just wanna sleep.

And Again


Can we make it look like this?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


What am I going to do for centerpieces? This is the colour of the linens (I know the setting is super fug) and I want some colour and some wild flowers and some ideas. Anybody? Seriously. It's a stresser. Almost as much of a stresser as all the trees around the barn we're getting married in being cut down and finding out that David thinks the barn is jank. Six. Weeks. Before. We. Get. Married.

Showers, This Time For Me

I have been led to believe that a rather groovey bridal shower is heading my way, I hear tell of invitations and occasionally someone pops up to tell me to reserve a certain day and then I hear nothing else. Last year I broke down and bought the most lovely skirt in the whole world and would like to know if it would be suitable for me to wear to this shower (I've never been to one, I had a mental health day the day of Oldest-and-Bests and no one else has gotten married, I'm the first). So if a charming Biddy (you know who you are, Mary, High-School-Bestie, Sisters Dos, Tres and Cuatro) would like to tell me if this is suitable that would be lovely. And if a charming anyone would like to build an outfit around this skirt I would give them lots and lots and lots of hugs (or a guest-post?). K. Thanks.

Accessories, Follow-Up

Remember this? I know, YUM. It's on sale for half price. And I know I don't need a bag (I'm not going to carry it anywhere, and my dress has POCKETS, for eff's sake) but it's half price. And it's effing BEAUTIFUL.

Then there were these which I bought, and am going to try with the dress on Saturday when not one, not two but THREE of my sisters are coming with me to my dress fitting. Aren't I a lucky duck!

Flowers, Veil, Hair

I don't remember where I knicked this off the interwebs but oh oh oh I so love it, It's kind of rocking my hair inspiration in a major way right now. I've been fantasizing recently about yards of tulle my grandmother wore in a crazy headpiece, wearing it tucked up underneath a curly bun for the ceremony and then just the flower during the reception. What do we's think?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The computer is dead dead dead, hopefully due to a dead power cord, so I am using my mother-in-laws (I will not say FMIL, it's silly) and David is apparently driving an hour to Columbia to get the laptop and cord examined by a professional (living in rural Maryland sucks a lot). In the meantime, I am incommunicado.