Wednesday, June 23, 2010

3.5 Weeks

Things have been rough in wedding land. Like crying for two hours on the morning of the bridal shower because my fsil doesn't want David to marry me rough. Like some people didn't show up when my parents invited his family over for dinner so they could meet because those people were angry about stupid things rough, Like, throwing up at work because I'm so nervous rough.

This past weekend we had Bridal Shower, bachelorette party, my dad moved into his new apartment in the city, my mom tried to unpack the entire country house because everyone moved back, we did meet the parents, we learned that David is starting a new job hundreds of miles away before the wedding, we learned that I was going to have to quit my job immediately, we learned that David's sister hates me more than anything and doesn't want us to get married, we learned that we don't have enough money to pay for the wedding.

Things have been kind of rough.


  1. oh no, sounds awful. so sorry.

  2. Oh gosh. Honey. His sister will eat her words, some day.

  3. Whatev, shower and bachelorette kicked arse, and the people who love you far outweigh the ones who do not. I realize this does not make the suck go away, but feel it needs pointed out. <3