Friday, February 24, 2012

What Are You Reading?

I feel like I always have a stack of things I'm sort of but not really reading on my nightstand. Here are the three I'm actually excited about right now:

La Perdida by Jessica Abel
I was reading (and not really enjoying) Watchmen the other day and my boss brought this out and recommended it and I really am enjoying it. It's no Epileptic but it's pretty rad.

I remember reading The Way Forward is with a Broken Heart in college and it rocking my world. I adored it. I read eight Alice Walker books in a row and never was quite so blown away. So far I like this one but it's early days yet.

David is reading this now so it's not actually on my bedside table but on his. It sounds like intellectual honesty isn't so important to this dude but it's a very interesting topic.

What are you reading? I need some recommendations.