Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shiny Tops

This shiny, puffed sleeve beauty is my greatest joy. Someone else was wearing it at work today and I found it on the website again, with 30% off final sale plus an old gift card I had it was very cheap. And therefore okay. Since I will wear it every day.

Death by Back Pocket, Possibly Horse

My camera is officially horribly dead. It did cost $80 in 2004 when I was a miserable college student and I never bothered to replace it since it functioned. I put it in my back pocket at the stable yesterday and now it is dead. Sigh. I need a new camera. In the meantime, look at my bike. Taken before the great camera meltdown of 2009.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Don't Hate Me

I shockingly like Goop a bunch. I've always really liked Gwyneth Paltrow (I know, I know, fishsticks etc etc) but I'm strangely mucho into the blog. I really want all her clothes, and her food. Sigh.

Vintage Postcards

Happy find to make the day go faster: Vintage postcards from the Boston Public Library's Flickr stream. Also a shameless plug noting that our country home is located right in the mountains beyond the Champlain Bridge.

*Source: Boston Public Library Flickr Photostream

Legs, boots, disappointment

If you saw my legs you would not freak out, screaming and covering your eyes and weeping, "How does she have such enormous calves??? HORRIBLE!" while trying to shield the faces of the children. You might, if you weren't very kind, suggest that I eat slightly fewer chocolate macaroons. Shopping for riding boots (not just the kind of wear around to look lurvely, the kind of actual riding of horses) is making me feel like a freak. I want the cheapoid rubber riding boots so I can wash horses and get trodden on and ride and slodge through fields of mud and muck and rescue the spaniel from the alsatian who wants to eat him without worrying about my feet. Dover's ladies rubber boots (which are awfully cute) are two inches thinner than my poor little legs. All research has yielded very little. Sigh. If you know of any alsatian wrestling, mud hoping, bath giving boots that one can ride in that might fit my chubby legs, alert me pronto. Thanks.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Glass Bottle

I found this wee glass bottle half buried in the field at the stable today. My horse is dying of cancer so I've been spending more time there not riding just walking around the fields with him grooming him and sniffing loudly. I put azaleas in it and put it on my gramercy park desk. Now I can finish reading Birthday Letters and have a nap.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shameless Plug

You might want to listen to this a bunch, buy the CD and spread the word about the Da Vincis.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bears, Monkeys, Cats

Years ago I made both the bear and the monkey from the now defunct KnitCases (started by my cousin Tilly) kit. I knitted them mostly while in Valencia and Macedonia traveling, I'm not sure where they are of if they came even came back from europe. I can't find those patterns anywhere so will try to get them from Tilser. In the mean time I made this for my sister since school isn't so good and she's a little bummed. Obviously this would be a more terrific gesture of sisterly love if I was Tilly and could make this. On the other hand it took me 2 hours so what do you want?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shiny Things

I brought these for Ann when I went to stay with her in DC. Then decided I needed a pair myself.
While I was at it I found this necklace for a dolla. So shiny.

Topshop Love

I'm sitting at the computer with the Topshop website up on the screen and cannot pry my eyes away from the GPS screen for the Topshop Heartschallenger bus. As a promotional move for the New York Topshop store which they swear is finally opening in April, a bus is driving around New York giving out gift bags and free gift cards for an undisclosed amount. I wouldn't care so much but Topshop is generally fabulous so if the bus comes within a few blocks, I. am. so. out.

For Biking

I want this more than tongue can tell. I have to remember which size I am in England and justify 45 quid. I think I can manage.

Via Peonies and Polaroids

P.S. It's two sizes bigger in England isn't it? Like an eight becomes a twelve? I found a website that says an eight becomes a fourteen. Looking at things I bought doesn't help.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Teacups and Flowers

This picture from Martha makes yearn for spring flea markets so I can scour them for pretty mismatched cups and saucers and fill them with spring and summer lovelies. 

Greenmarket Bag

I made this however mine isn't as pretty as Laura's and the lacy pattern stretches SO much that it takes on the odd shape (above) of my knitting and books. But in general pretty cuteness.

Work, sleep, lather, rinse, repeat.

It is pretty out and I'm stuck inside this office. I'm leaving early and since no one is here, no one can stop me. Perhaps a trip to Purl is in order as an outlet for creativity in this concrete jungle.

Bells, Bikes

A boy bought me this. It was a surprise, I came out to get my bike and there it was. Thank you boy.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Knit 2, Purl 2, Cable 4, Sip

My Mummie gave me this today for no reason. She might be the best Mummy ever, she makes cooked breakfast every day, never bothers me, cooks wonderfully and gives presents for no reason. I can't find a link on the Starbucks website so inspect your local.

Ms Welty's Garden

These pictures are not of Ms. Welty's Garden (everyone in Jackson knows her as Ms. Welty, she liked Maker's Mark, drove too fast, came to local college's when her books were taught) but from mine (I didn't not write One Writer's Beginning, did not win a Pulitzer Prize). But this spring is the centennial celebration of her life and this Saturday Bellhaven College and the Welty House and the American Garden Assoc. are hosting a lecture on Heirloom Plants In Garden Design and I am very much looking forward too it. We are well into spring and it's miserably hot and humid here but we have these to make up for it.

Lookie What I Made

It's decoupaged with a map of Pennsylvania (because if anywhere is home that is) on the inside and red on the outside and it says "coming home" on it clipped from a Vogue. My camera hates you a bunch and doesn't want to share pretty things with you so it blurs. Right now it is holding lotions and potions on my dresser. I think it might be enlisted in the transportation of tea.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Sarah Coggles SHIPS TO THE US!! This may the greatest news I have had in weeks. Since the pink shoes. Sarah Coggles was another boutique I loved when I lived in the UK, not just because the owner named it after the secretary her husband was boffing. I want this Vivienne Westwood Anglomania dress like none else. Everything is insanely expensive but for the occasional insanely beautiful thing it's worth it. Like this Fornarina dress.

Paper Cutting

With everyone all abuzz with love of paper cuts - which I get, they are cool - I was thinking about the Kara Walker exhibit I saw in Fort Worth at The Modern this fall. Political paper cutting is so cool. The massive paper cutouts are pasted to the walls of the gallery and are often twisted images of antebellum southern life. At the time I had just moved to The South so race as presented in her work was very important/complex/relevant for me. Mary hates modern art but I sweat Kara Walker.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Butterflies, Birds

This summer I went to Wonder Book and found these rando pages from nature books for a dolla each. This morning I found them in a file and went out and bought frames for them. They are pretty happifying. And ICK to my camera yet again. The black round thing on the wall is my riding helmet. I like keeping it on the wall. Its pretty and protects my brain.

Q-Tip Squared

You should know that Martha Stewart had Q-Tip as a guest on her show and they made glass q-tip tins. The woman is a dream. 

Match Point

I think I think this is really cute and want it even though I MIGHT have a tote bag with the exact same print. Shut up.

Pink, Orange

This with little cream cardigan and sandals makes me feel a bit like my mum back in the day but is a good library dress now that its getting too hot down here.

Yves, Karl

When I was 12 I found an Yves Saint Laurent weekend bag in our attic that had belonged to my granny. I carried it around until I was nineteen when my mother chucked it out. I wept. I am hoping that readingthis will allow me to relive the glory days of my weekend bag.


Occasionally I go psycho and buy my body weight in blank note cards. Today at the The Ghetto Store I found these and they make me very happy. Because they were $1.50 and I love dogs. The Ghetto Store and places similar make me a crazy person. I feel as though six tiffany blue picture frames in different sizes are a reasonable purchase, all of a sudden I really need a lilliputian tea pot with bears dressed as Buckingham Palace guards. I need to stay out of The Ghetto Store.

Self Control or Lack Thereof

I cannot buy anymore Target shoes. Not buying plastic shoes is part of growing up. I have decided. But these are so very very tempting... maybe it's not yet time to grow up.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I love these. Both of them. Okay so they are slight variations on a theme but the theme is good. I am plotting the purchase of something like these and I think the dresses need to follow. Just a thought.

And this, cause it's orange. And nice.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shiny Feet

I may have bought these yesterday for five dollars. I also may have photographed them with photobooth. Whatever. Leave me alone.

Fabric and Flowers

Admittedly, I am hardly a brooch type of girl except I do find it strangely hard to resist pretty, handmade ones like these from Kumi Middleton's etsy shop. I originally saw these beauties when Sara posted them on her blog and was hoping very much to win one, but unfortunately I did not. The $15 price tag might entice me to buy one of my own though. 

Danny Boy

Just because I am not the least bit Irish does not mean I cannot enjoy the Muppets' tribute to those who are. 

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Seal Mother

When I was a little person my Mummie read me this book a lot. She never left me to return to her seal people leaving me to an uncertain land dwelling future but I have a longstanding knowledge of selkies (and the seductive nature of tweed). ANYwhore! When Mary and I lived in York we went to Selkie every single day to watch things that we wanted and to wait for them to go on sale (which mostly they never did), discover awesomely great new designers and clothing and occasionally breakdown and buy something. We liked it a lot. I miss them BUNCHES. I fantasize that next time I have to take the GNER from Uncle D's in Hampshire to my grandmother's in Edinburgh I will stop in York and buy everything in Selkie. Since I live in Mississippi I can just pretend.

Superhero Shoes

I just saw Watchmen. I may not have understood much of what was going on, but I do understand that I would like every pair of shoes that Laurie Jupiter wore in my closet right now. 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Smelly Feet

So Ann my afore mentioned bestie-from-high-school told me about these after my whining about cheap shoes and their effects on my feet. Slip them into your five dolla shoes and wear until they turn black, your feet will smell like daisies. Or like deodorant. Either way. I bought some today ala Target and they rock. Leopard print ballet flats that smell like the mouth of hell have been cured. NOTHING CAN STOP ME FROM WEARING CHEAP SHOES NOW!!!!! Thanks Ann.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Brother brought home these from the label for record promo. I'm going to frame one with a massive white mat and swedish light frame. I'm way into bees.


Dear Natasha Bedingfield,

I love you a lot!



oh YES

I found OhFaro on one of the blogs I was looking at (I want to say vintageglamblog?) This is so terrible of me for not remembering but regarding the entire collection on etsy,  may I just say, yes, please!

Sigh of the Moment: Orange Nail Polish

I generally favor dark berry hues in the winter but these orange-y shades are so gorgeous for spring.


Life Savor

And because I love the name...


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Please Hire Me

I'm in Washington, DC right now, interviewing for a job and staying with bestie from high school Ann. So not much posting. Here are some shoes you might like to buy me while I'm gone. Thaaaaaaaaanks.