Monday, March 2, 2009


It is entirely possible that I have been bamboozeled by the article in Vogue and the styling on the Liz Claiborne website, but I seem to have developed a strange and peculiar love for Isaac's new Liz Claiborne situation. The Belk website doesn't make it look nearly so alluring but something about the above dress (maybe just the fact that it's a fellow chubby girl IN the dress) makes me think that it would be an excellent choice.

I also have a pathalogical desire to look like my gran in Roatin in the late fifties so perhaps that's my problem/Isaac's genius. Remember Isaac on Style? He told everyone to wear camel head to toe and "just put opaque tights with that" and coo-ed over Dolly (how do I love thee Dolly!) Sigh, I'm going to need to buy Isaac's shenanigans...

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