Friday, June 28, 2013

This Friday

friday loves

I am loving my new J.Crew rhinestone necklace and would like to wear it with everything please and thank you; this Himalayan Trading Post 'Fleur de Lys' Candle - it smells magical and it's beautiful and you can get it in DC at GoodWood;  This gorgeous painting by  Lulie Wallace that wants to hang over my couch; and these Honeyed Sunreaders that are on super sale right now.  I also love strawberries and sleeping in.  I might just eat strawberries and read in bed all weekend.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

To do this summer

Breakfast chez moi

I'm feeling compelled to make lists recently.  The summer is already in full progress and I have so much more I want to do before it gets cold again.  Having a list makes it seem more reasonable.

1) Spend a day at the beach
2) Can peach-lavender butter, peach salsa
3) Can blueberry syrup and chutney
4) Can tomatoes, in sauce, salsa and paste
5) Can ALL the pickles, a winter full of fresh crunchy pickles
6) Picnic on the mall
7) Swim in Tres' pool
8) Go on a weekend trip (to Philly, to Lancaster? To NC?)
9) Plant basil and thyme on the windowsill.
10) Go to Union Market
11) Go to the drive in theatre again

I know this is a universal truism but time really is speeding up as I age.  I don't like it one bit.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer time

It's amazing how quickly the summer gets away from us.  Dave was out of town last weekend and I had my sisters in, next weekend a friend from college is visiting, the next two weekends we're out of town and then Mary visits and the next thing you know I'm 27 and it's August.    Summer gets away so quickly so I'm trying to make sure I take the time to leave the city to swim in my sisters pool in Rockville and leave our neighborhood to do some of the cool summer things around the city.  This weekend we went to U St to shop and then the Zoo and Eastern Market (oh the jewelry at eastern market!). 

On the first of our weekends visiting my sister and her pool and her delicious spicy canjun shrimp pasta we brought her our second couch so we can finally rearrange our apartment.  Which has led to some furniture rearranging and eventually it will lead to some art buying.  Now that 20x200 is gone -where do we buy art?   Any ideas?