Friday, March 6, 2009

Why Not to Google

So today I was in Target looking for cheap shoes that I could wear to job interview (finding black, almond toed shoes with kitten heels that I am willing to spend actual money on is the Holy Grail). I had vowed to no longer buy shoes at Target (because I am a grown-up, because they make your feet sweat/smell, because they are not comfortable) but there we are. And instead I found this from Thakoon for Target for $10. I love Thakoon and I am always on the search for tops wearable with skinny jeans and flats, tops for biking. I was very proud. I came home and Googled to find picture to show You, and Mary. Realized that on website is only Fi Dolla. Sigh. Mine is also cuter than this, the straps are in a normal place not in the middle awkwardly and its very long. Possibly because I bought it in size XXXXXXXXXL but whatever. It's hot.

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