Friday, August 24, 2012


I've been hanging photos of my family around our flat.  My brother and I wearing aviators my freshman year of college in a pink frame on my desk; my cousins and sisters on the steps outside an Edinburgh house on the wall in the hall; my mother in black and white in the seventies.  At some point one of my sisters posted a bunch of old photos of my parents and their friends.  It's so funny to see my siblings faces reflected in my young parents.

My mother looking like my sister Jessie. 

 My mother looking gorgeous.
 Making a Hannah-face
My twin sisters are identical but one looks like my mother and the other like my father.  My dad is making the most Ellen of faces here.

Something about this picture of my uncle, maybe the way he is sitting, reminds me of my brother.

And grandma and grandpa on the lake.  Looking magnificent.

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