Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Two Years

 Two years ago my baby sister got drunk as a skunk, we smoked packs of Thai Clove cigarettes a groomsman brought back, Mary told me 4000 times that I didn't look like a mob boss's wife, we ate cheese and chutney sandwiches my mother and cousin made,  we drank whiskey sours that David and I spent 5 hours making the sour mix for (and about 10 people have told me since then that every time they have a whiskey sour they wish it was half as good as those ones).  Two years ago we bored our friends with an extremely long, latin filled nuptial mass and six of my very best girls waved us-made bouquets of snap dragons and lavender around like it was going out of style.

One of these days I want to have an anniversary party with all the gorgeous people back again.  I've spent two years with David every day but the people I think about on our anniversary are the people who showed up for our big party and who I don't get to see everyday.  This means you, all you alcoholic friends.

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