Thursday, July 5, 2012


Wednesday and Thursday have turned into a lovely staycation.  We grilled out, we went to a cafe, we made fancy dinners and breakfasts, we surprised ourselves and went to a movie with no planning ahead and we took Roger on lovely long walks around Durham.  We will miss it here.

The movie we saw was (in keeping with our age and demographic) Moonrise Kingdom and we enjoyed it but David's allegiance to Rushmore and mine to Tennenbaums are unshakable.  Some of my smartest, film-lovingest friends hate Wes Andersen but I can't help but love the Americana  and the weirdness.  Mostly what I loved in Moonrise was Frances McDormand and her costumes.  I love me some Frances and I love me some long-sleeved-Lilly and cat eyes.  I feel like at twenty-five I'm too young to embrace it completely but I can dream of being a quarter as cool as she is.

Frances in Moonrise Kingdom

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