Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Apartment Found

David and I have signed a lease in DC.  We have a corner flat with one bedroom and a pretty arch.  It's teeny weeny and we haven't seen it yet.  My parents went to look and took these pictures  That's my dad looking into the kitchen.   I'm concerned about fitting our beautiful couches in and our diningroom table, which was my parents diningroom table when I was growing up and my grandparents diningroom table when my dad was growing up.  

I'm trying to remember that we will be fine.  That I will find a job and that I will make enough money to pay rent.  That so many people go to law school without spouses to support them and they graduate with tens of thousands of dollars of debt and they are okay.  I am trying to remember a good friend in small town practice with a hundred thousand dollars of student loans hanging over his head.  Trying to remember smart David's full ride.   I'm trying to forget leaving sweet Ida and to remember that my mother will be an hour and a half away and my smallest sister will be on our couch all the time.  I'm trying to remember my brother in college in Philadelphia, my middle sister moving to the city, my father a hop, skip and a red line away and my Oldest and Best working half an hour from our new apartment. The train to Boston isn't hard and there is an easy bus.  I'm trying to remember that moving again is worth it and the stress will be over by Christmas.


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