Sunday, July 8, 2012

To Do

To Do Before We Move in 28 Days:

Cull clothing
Cull books
Cull fabric and craft supplies
Dry clean green dress for the last wedding of the season
Clean house before sister J arrives
Visit from J, then Mum and F
Take pictures of clean house for posterity (first house together)
Get boxes
Get hair done
Pack all the things
See J & B to say goodbye
Sew owl as goodbye gift for baby
See new baby of old friends
Get anniversary gift for Dave
Make reservations at Vin Rouge for anniversary
Get flea medication for pets
Apply for 10 jobs a night until I get one
Buy suit for potential interviews?
Send wedding gift to E & C
Frame S & R's gift
Arrange rental truck
Get oil changed/ car serviced
Take dog to groomers (its 102 and he's shaggy and hot)
Have farewell brunch/dinner with Best Friend From High School and BFFHS's boyfriend
Final acupuncture appointment
Decide about refinishing free chair and end table - possible refinish as we won't have outdoor space in DC
Decide what furniture to take, what we can fit in small apartment.
Change of address postcards
Mail forwarding with Post Office
Spackel all the holes in the walls, touch up paint
Clean all the things
Fly to Boston and back for E & C's wedding
Stop smoking
Change address on all magazines, bank accounts, Netflix etc

I am trying to do lots of breathing and trying to sleep through the night.  Writing down all of the things helps a little bit.  Not on the list are eating dinner that isn't pizza every day and also saying goodbye to the gorgeous baby and not crying to much.  If you pray, pray for us.  If not, just hold us in the light and send us happy thoughts.

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  1. Ah, the to do lists. It will all work out.