Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I like projects more than anything else in the universe.  What with all the moving to dos I haven't gotten to do any recently and it's a bummer.  Before we leave I would like to some of these.

I have a bunch of terra cotta planters that had pansies in them before I killed them off.  I think I might colour block them in gold.  Mary thinks that this is a bad idea.  I think she's dead wrong.

We have two pieces of curb furniture that I would like to refinish.  If you have any brilliant ideas about fabric for that crazy chair, let me know.  I'm torn between something crazy and something more subdued. I was thinking of just rocking some crazy stain stripper all over both pieces and then seeing if I felt like painting/or staining the table.

And one that I definitely get to do.  Change of address postcards.  I love this postcard from the fifties and I think it might be a nice change of address.

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