Friday, July 16, 2010


Is tomorrow. I know it's not really done to post during your wedding weekend but there is a moment of quiet. Dad and Sister Dos went to pick up flowers, Mummie is taking the dogs to the kennels and picking up the CSA and Sisters Tres and Cuatro went to pick arms loads of Queen Anne's Lace to fill in bouquets. Brother and his bandmates are still en route and non of the bridesmaids or friends has shown up yet. David is hungover somewhere in bed after bachelor party. Susie, the prettiest bridal dog in town, is on my feet. We are tired. All of us. We want things to get rolling. This getting married business is scary but my favourite thing ever gleaned from Meg is the Jewish Proverb that has been in my facebook favourite quotes (mock, I don't care) for like a year:

“The entire world is a very narrow bridge
And the essential thing is not to succumb to fear.”

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