Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Perks of Husbands

We were homeless for my birthday. Between house sitting and our own apartment. I ended up coming home to my parents' for two weeks while David slept on a friend's couch. For my homeless birthday we were staying in a hotel in Durham and David got the day off work and we went to the zoo, and the Magnolia Grill and I got a lovely chocolate cake from Scratch. We'd been married a little over two weeks, I had bronchitis, I was in a new city where I knew no one. David did really really really good. And he got me this. Or rather he had our friend Mary Wunderlich paint it. Snapdragons are my favourite, and have been forever. I remember snapping them as a little girl in Chicago, they featured very prominently on the wedding cake, in my bouquet, in mason jars exactly a month ago. She also stuck some lavender in there. Because there was also lavender in the bouquet, in mason jars. She's good like that, is MW. The wedding pictures are getting processed slowly. I'm tired. The moving is tiring, the being so far away is tiring. But they are coming. I promise. Over in our friendly neighborhood wedding blog.

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