Sunday, February 13, 2011


Saturday was my 25th birthday. My boyfriend took me to the Liberty Science Center and bought us tickets to two IMAX movies in the same day. It was pretty rad.

So I'm a mature adult now. The last few weeks I've been getting my sh*t together and doing things that mature adults do. For example, adults wear perfume, so I tried out three little trial size bottles from CB I Hate Perfume. Adults also don't eat egg-and-cheese sandwiches and udon noodle soup EVERY SINGLE DAY for breakfast and lunch, respectively, so I visited a nutritionist and now I do adult things like not eat dairy and take nutritional supplements.

However, I did spend my birthday night watching Degrassi, so I suppose I am a work-in-progress. Whatever, at least I bought mouthwash. Like a mother-effing adult.

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