Saturday, October 27, 2012


For Halloween Dave and I are going to be a hound and a fox.  After stalking the interwebs and looking at some seriously gorgeous fox masks and buying whatever fox-ish coloured felt they had at the fabric store I got started.

I started off by playing around with newspaper and figuring out what shape I wanted.  As you can see I had to adjust the eyes at first they were so high.

I cut it out of red felt and then, in order to make it a little sturdier I sewed it onto another sheet of red felt  and then trimmed it down.

Then I kind of went a little cray-cray with white and black and added ears and eyeliner and a nose and the white foof.  I sewed the elastic farther back and not from the actual side so that from the front you could still see the shape of it and not have it pulled completely back against my head.

When it came to sewing David's there aren't as many foxhound masks available so I just found pictures of them and kind of messed about until I made this:

and once I figured out the ears I wanted to use I sewed the mask on to another layer of felt for reinforcement and then sewed the ears so I ended up with a mask all sorted.

So if you still haven't figured halloween out and you have an hour.....

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