Monday, February 22, 2010


My birthday was last Friday. I turned older. Nay, I turned wiser. It was a lovely day of cupcakes and friends and too much vodka. My friends took me out for dinner and drinks and random people I don't know bought me shots. Many shots. "Random people I don't know" became "best friends."
It was delightful. The next morning, however, not so much.

I had anti-Valentine's Day two days later which included a trip to Benihana (so awful it's awesome) and half-price chocolates from CVS at 10:30 pm. Oh, and Fatal Attraction. Duh.

Week was uneventful. Major changes are coming this week that I am on the fence about. More on that later.

Saturday consisted of tempura, friends, Dirty Minds, and red wine. Sunday was spent knitting and playing with the puppy. Oh yeah, and doing this.

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