Friday, May 21, 2010

For Attending Graduations

My sister is graduating from college on Sunday and I'll be in Boston all weekend and of course as of yesterday morning I didn't have a dress for it. I went on a mad dash to the Fifth Avenue Lord & Taylor after work and came out slightly traumatized because every dress comes up to HERE and is SO SHORT and POUFY and IMPOSSIBLE to sit down in. A girl such as myself with HIPS should maybe not wear short and poufy, although if you can rock it, ladies, please do so. Anyway, I found this banging Trina Turk dress in black and it's totes perfect for graduation...

...and also so I have an excuse to wear these in black. Duh.

I need an awesome coral necklace. Tonight might be spent krazy glue-ing my grandmother's coral pearls which broke and desperately need to be restrung. I'm aware this is a very bad idea though so I'll give up on that dream and wear this instead.

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