Saturday, December 4, 2010


So every time this ad comes on I get really teary and stupid and smack David and whine about how magical my soul feels and the spirit of the holiday. I am a big effing nerd. Guster always make my soul feel magical, because I'm a loser. Once I camped out with my best friend and two sisters on their sixteenth birthday for like ten hours to be the first in line to see Guster and be in the first row. We played scrabble and ate pizza and wore hats. It was awesome. David was randomly at that concert two hours from where either of us lived when I was a highschool senior and he was a college freshman. But still. We were in the same room. And it was a great concert. Long way of saying, I may be a moron who cries at Target commercials that aren't even sad but at least I'm consistent. Guster makes me magical. Whatever. Goodnight.

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