Wednesday, December 1, 2010

To Do

Today I am sick, I am lying on the couch and pounding tea and snuggling with the dogs. I crawled out of bed in order to make vegan pumpkin bread (not really committed to vegan, just no eggs at home and lazy). I hate being out of work sick and having lots of things hanging over my head. Making a list seems to help.

1. Finish making the fabric advent calender (Dave had one as a tot but his sister's got it now, I'm trying to be a nice crafty wife and replicate his joyful youth)

2. Christmas Cards - lovely notes written, names signed, addressed and stamped (didn't I JUST DO THIS? THREE TIMES? Save the dates, invitations, thank you notes? ACK!)

3. Find silvery grey bridesmaid dress that doesn't make me look like fatty wee piglet.

4. Make Tilly (my gorgeous cousin who is having a gorgeous wedding in the gorgeous scottish highlands) her cake topper, figure out how to make a kilt for a peg man.

5. Knit someone a Christmas present (no, not you, sisters, I heard you when you shouted at me about not knitting you Christmas presents)

6. Either find passport or expedite replacement passport so I can go to Scottish wedding (ick ack damn, where did it go? Why can't I use my British passport again? Oh that's right because they won't let me back into the US without a visa. EFF)

7. Gift baskets for Dave's family, presents for my family, wrap and mail.

Somehow that didn't make me feel much better. I think I will watch more Design Inc and sniffle more. Wish was back at the summer house with my mutter and wee sis.

Day after Thanksgiving we all when on a lovely adventure to Shepherdstown, WV to shop and take a cart ride with sleighbells. Photo of the haflingers pulling the wee cart.

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