Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gift Guide: Dudes

I find boys/men exceptionally difficult to shop for. My best friend Mary? Find something shiny! My sisters? They have hobbies with accouterment and also: Forever 21! My mom? Anything related to a horse! My dad, my brother and my husband have no hobbies (drinking? reading? are those hobbies?) and have very expensive tastes in clothing and booze. It doesn't help that my brother is much much cooler than I am and my father is way into yoga at the moment (and I'm boycotting LuluLemon and don't exercise) and my husband really just wants a puppy (and guess who's NOT getting a puppy?) so here are some hobbled together ideas:
All three of the groovy dudes on my shopping list are well dressed and generally down for luggage. Maybe everyone would like $13.95 Gentleman's Travel Shoe Bag and my dad and brother could come visit me?
After my wedding we finally had professional photos of me and my sisters (after 25 years of my parents talking about it) so I framed a picture for my dad of the four of us last year.

I no longer attempt to find music my brother hasn't heard of. Magic Kids is mega groovy though. If you want to be the best sister ever - give my brother's band's CD

I'm all over knitting scarfs this year. Cast on an even number, knit 2, purl 2. Repeat ad nauseum while watching endless hours of telly. Eventually you can say "Here Dad, I handcrafted this for you!" Now aren't you a good daughter!

My dad isn't really a knit tie type (and neither is David, I have been informed) but my brother is mega stylish and this pattern from Lion Brand knits up in like two hours and requires very little wool so you can get some super lovely cashmere.

David grew up in Maryland and would like to fly the Maryland Flag outside our NC house. He knows the Maryland State Anthem and was required to take 13 years of Maryland history at his super weird school. So a vintage map of Maryland seems like just thing.

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