Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fig and Ginger Jam

There were massive quantities of figs at Whole Foods and they were on sale.  I couldn't not buy them.  It would be impossible.  They were exceptionally beautiful and ever since my aunt invited us to a fig party last year I've been thinking about Stonewall Kitchen's Fig and Ginger Jam.  I figured I could make some approximation.  Every now and then I make up canning recipes (more like combine a bunch of canning recipes to make something close to all but not quite any of them).  Figs have a really low acid content though so this isn't really for canning.  More like for sticking in a jar and putting in the fridge.  I am making scones and am going to eat my body weight in gingery-figgy goodness.

1 lb of figs, diced
1cup of sugar + 2 tbs sugar
dash of cinnamon
dash of nutmeg
1.5 tsp of ground ginger.
2 inches of fresh ginger, diced
3 tbs rice wine vinegar
juice and zest from two lemons

Mix all ingredients through fresh ginger in a non-reactive bowl and let them sit for a few hours at room temperature until they are all mushy and sticky.   While my fruit was all meltifying I put the ginger in a bowl with 2 tbs of sugar and it let out a lot of gingery sugary juice.

Put the mixture in a large dutch oven with the remaining ingredients and stir over medium high heat for 30 minutes or until they are thick and gooey and look like jam.

 Put it in a jar and stick in it in the fridge.  Put it on scones with lots of butter or ricotta cheese.


  1. Figs scare me. Ginger might give me courage:).

    1. Cooked figs are far less frightening