Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Grey Is My Favourite Colour

There is nothing so frustrating as hiking through the heat to Benjamin Moore and having the rude lady mix you paint samples and coming home to find that the two grey options, recommended by blogs and googled thoroughly turn out to be decidedly blue and purple options.  We do not want blue and purple.

 This is not the same as this

and this is not the same as this

Have you painted anything grey recently?  Any favourite colors?  Next time I'm making Home Depot mix me sample pots.  They are much, much cheaper.


  1. Sparrow by Behr. So so pretty and while it has a small blue undertone it is pretty perfect in my book.

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  3. This may be too late to be helpful but my sister went to Benjamin Moore with a close-to-robin's-egg blue mug she loves and the "very helpful person" mixed a pretty exact match for her. Bring in a grey you love - either your swatches or a sweater or a mug...