Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cookies: for Christmas, for rolling, for eating

The afore mentioned sugar cookies cut into hearts and spread with toffee are delectable. Just a thought.

Note: Apparently there is some danger of toffee made in the can exploding and pouring hot sugary death all over everyone.  Here is what I've done many times without incident (but be away of hot sugary death as a concern)  - remove label and put can of sweetened condescend milk in a heavy dutch oven.  Cover with water and let water boil for about two hours.  Top up water as needed but if you fill it all the way up and keep a heavy lid on it the whole time you shouldn't have much trouble.  After two hours turn off the heat and let it sit until you can remove the can without tongs or anything.  Pop it open and spread it on all of the cookies and fill a cake with it and eat it awkwardly in the kitchen by the spoonful.

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