Thursday, December 6, 2012


After seeing this pin last year I had fantasies of displaying all my Christmas cards on a wreath like that.  It never happened last year but sometime in the spring I found that weird siamese twin pinecone and yeah, I hoarded it till this Chistmas.  I bought a 16" embroidery hoop and used the inner section for the wreath.  I hot glued a red ribbon and the conjoined pinecones on the the top.  I picked up the medium sized clothes pins from Michaels (their app is out of hand, 40% off coupons galore) and hot glued them around the edges, alternating facing in and out.  I think I might get more and increase the number of pins facing outward.  So far the hot glue has been strong enough but a really quality crafter would probably have used epoxy or something.  And I later picked this dripped hot glue off with my fingernail, because I'm mucho glamorous.

Last night we also put up the advent calendar, already 6 days late.  David had a cloth one with a mouse that would move through the days and the first year we were married I made the calendar and last year I used Vintage Ric Rac's Mouse Pattern to make a tiny mouse to hop from day to day.  I glued a little bottle brush tree into his wee arms.

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