Thursday, January 17, 2013

Clothes, Work

After two weeks I am settling into the rhythm of work. Of getting up in dark and taking the metro through the chilly city and of sorting out my desk chair and I’ve almost mastered the right number of layers to wear to be prepared for my chilly office. My boss’ is nice, there is a good happy hour near by and an indian lunch buffet across the street. Here’s the problem: after a year in an athletics department, a year as a nanny and six months of unemployment I have nothing like appropriate work clothes. SO! Time to get cracking. I’ve bought a couple of the tradition J. Crew Number 2 Pencil Skirts but I find myself wishing (generally around 7:30 am when I’m standing in front of my closet feeling very grumpy and cold and sleepy) that I had a lookbook for my particular closet and my particular job. I've been wearing the same basic thing every day.  Maybe it's time to renew my subscriptions to some fashion magazines.
My Work Uniform
J.Crew v neck top / J.Crew merino wool sweater / J.Crew j crew / Old Navy / J.Crew cotton pencil skirt / Wolford black opaque tight / A|X Armani Exchange opaque stocking / Michael Kors tortoise jewelry / Pearl Earrings / Justine Brooks charm pendant (my pinecone isn't this one but I love it so much)

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  1. I sympathise, sometimes finding work appropriate, nice and comfortable clothes and outfits that you can remember is so hard in the morning. I have a sort of uniform of wool or jersey smart dresses, they don't need ironing or anything else with them apart from tights or leggings, much easier than finding a shirt and skirt and jumper and tights!