Thursday, January 24, 2013

Flowers In Your Pocket

 The best thing about my hometown (I use that term broadly, the town I lived in for highschool, the town I lived in alone after college, the town my parents moved back to after I got married) other than the gorgeous mountains, the beautiful farm, food fresh from farmers I know and my family is the Goodwill.  Maybe it's that no one else in the area is interested in beautiful vintage or maybe it's that there are so many old people getting rid of so many beautiful things.  Either way there are some wonderfully luminous things every time I go.  Over the weekend I was home getting a great haircut and  seeing my best friend from high school and my brother and sister and I swung by the Goodwill.  I found these handkerchiefs for 59¢.  I found five that I couldn't live without.

I'm torn between framing them on my wall and using them for the purpose for which they were intended.  Something about having one of these gorgeous flowery fabric squares in my pocket sounds so warming during this cold snap.

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  1. I'm thinking handkerchiefs would be a Good Thing.