Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chi, Plum Sykes and Time : a lament

I am very bored with having long hair. Its a lot of work and I canna be bothered to straighten it or style it so I wear a bun all the time or I wear it in a big poufy ponytail on top of my head. These options are getting lame and old. Plum Sykes, who I simultaniously loathe and love, has an article in the new Vogue (oh how I love you, no loathing at all) about The New Hair Length, which I have been contemplating for sometime. Not really short hair but definately not long, just a shade shorter than soccer mum hair but definately not bob either. In general I am always concerned about being too big for my head or hair and feel like being ten feet tall and a size 324235 means that I have to have long hair. I really really really want this hair cut. I can wear it curly and have quirky short hair a la Andy McDowell only slightly less 1994 or break out the Chi once in a while and look like a big kid (thanks to Aveda relaxer and the greatness of Bumble and Bumble straight cream). Short hair feels much more grown up and much more modern and much more fiscally responsible. Again, everything looks better on Gwyneth Paltrow. Also flat ironing and making self look respectable is always a bit time consuming and with summer coming.... hmm.

The Loved and Loathed Plum and her lovely hair.

And bangs always look so smart too. Is it wrong that I secretly think Kate Moss is very cool looking?
I think it's time for a haircut.

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