Monday, February 9, 2009

Glitter and Paste or How Many Times Can You Reheat the Same Cup of Coffee?

Four. The Same Cup. I kept forgetting I had it. I went slightly overboard today with card making and present wrapping (probably due to Day Off and being home with Sister who kept playing boppy tunes, also avoiding mirror since I look like Glenn Close a la Fatal Attraction [see below] since relaxer) and then thought, I know. I'll make earrings with these beads, and then I thought, I know! lets make a tissue paper pouf out of tulle and make a headband. Then I burned the tip of my finger off with a hot glue gun and got Mod Podge in my hair and stabbed ankle with knitting needle. Earrings are very big and pouf is obscene - wedding in Vogue obscene. I have enclosed pictures. Pictures of the glitter and paste will have to wait until apres Mary's birthday so she will be surprised by its luminocity. Above is pouffy hat thing as it ought to be, a beacon of light and loveliness. It is actually just a Giant Tulle Pouf, on my head. I think next time might try to make it about 1/10th the size and therefore aprops for actual hair usage. Below is what it actually looks like, see what I mean about that relaxer? I might shave my head...

These I was forced to make by left over beads and Fringe. Which is deliciously bad, and Joshua Jackson is yummington steele.

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