Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ten Items or Less

While its 63 in New York today, its 74 here in Canton, which is warm enough for me to go into the bakery and post office in shorts and sneakers and a sweatshirt for my alma mater. Canton, Mississippi is not sure how to deal with me. Canton (like all towns in the Deep South that I have encountered) is very dressed up, very crisp, very dressed. The woman in the bakery asked me if I was okay and the post mistress told me she'd pray for me. I think maybe I should bathe more, and not leave the house with primer on all my digits. In this spirit of spring and new birth and cleanliness I have assembled this new spring wardrobe, which hopefully we stop me from look actually homeless and/or like a construction worker. Because I have vowed to buy a bike, save more money and Be Responsible Grown Up, I have assembled a Spring-Summer wardrobe keeping money in mind and limiting to Ten Items you can live in.

1.These shorts are perfectly wonderful. I have had the same pair for two years and wore them daily, they are now very soft but still look pretty groovy, I think I need another pair or six.

2. Trashy Diva is Candice Gwinn's New Orleans dress line. She started out selling only vintage and slowly added her own '40s and '50s style dresses. They fit gorgeously, no one else has them and if you buy one you are doing your part for New Orleans reconstruction. You and Brad Pitt, working toward a brighter future. And this one is especially hot.

3. Last year I wore these every day and they became repulsive. I wish they hadn't because I love them an unhealthy amount, considering they were $3 in June. I am very young and therefore believe that I can wear flip-flops or sandals every day from March-October, which justifies the expense of these.

4. This is upsettingly pretty. It's on sale and is luminous, could be work all year round with change of accessories, rather like this piece of loveliness which I will stalk until it too goes the way of the sale.

5. I actually found this in my local J Crew the other day even further discounted and its lovely, over dresses or tanks or anything. I am a strong believer in the cardigan, it makes everything cuter, slightly more pulled together and is warm. Its also very pretty in orange.

6. I wear men's oxfords about four days a week; with shorts, skirts, jeans and over my swim suit. Brooks Brothers makes my faves if you don't have a brother or father to klepto them from.

7. Swimsuits are a massive disaster, regardless of who you are. My little sister is nearly six foot and a size two and she still stresses out about them. I, being not 12 feet tall and five hundred pounds find them miserable. Secretly I think that this would make swimsuits less scary but realistically will probably going with this from Lands End because they always fit and are always reasonable and last well.

8. I want this skirt from Celine. It costs nine bagillion dollars (actual price) which doesn't really allow for bike riding or picnicing which is what this skirt would be so very good for. Must keep looking, grr.

9. Wackadoo earrings should be bought for five dollars or less, or made. This is my new feeling in life, earrings should be made or bought from Mississippi Discount Drugs or given. They should be big, probably a little ugly, and fun.

10. Every summer I buy another pair of white linen trousers that end up being a massive bust but hope springs eternal, Ann Taylor has these lovely things. For picnicing (with blanket), for biking, for librarying and entertaining in the back yard these are very summer house. I like them much.


  1. I love this idea. I think I'm going to play copy cat :)

  2. OMG. OMG I love these dresses. If I had any money I would buy all of them and flouce around. HOW to get them to send me these dresses for free?!?!