Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get out of my closet Tina Fey!!

Did anyone else notice that my NPR tote bag was on 30 Rock this week? The bag into which Jon Hamm reaches to get the roofies is identical to the one I haul my library books around in. This is the third item of clothing that has appeared in a Tina Fey affiliated film. The scarf she wore in Baby Mama (see above) I bought at the Banana Republic the summer before junior year and the dress worn by her assistant in self same Baby Mama I bought at J. Crew the summer before senior year. While Tina Fey is funny and 30 Rock rocks my socks, I'm not sure she's the celeb I want to have accessories in common with... hmmm.

Sidenote: I would eat Sabor de Soledad if they were real

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