Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shorts for the Chubby Girl

As I am looking forward to spring and the prospect of visiting Hannah in Mississippi, I have begun to yet again prepare myself for the horror matched only to that of finding a swimsuit: finding shorts. My legs hate shorts. They repel them. Being not 6 feet tall with wide hips, a budunkadunk, and legs much thicker than toothpicks is a equation for disaster in the realm of shorts-dom. Practically every pair I find cut me off unflatteringly or hug me in all the wrong, weird places. Usually I just ignore shorts entirely and wear skirts and dresses all summer, but sometimes those just don't fly. 

Last summer I lived in shorts that were very similar to these Martin fit shorts from Banana Republic. They were perfect; not to tight, flared out slightly right at the hip, and had a very cute bow. Mine however, were not khaki and not seersucker and now I think how much better my life would have been if they were. 

I have been told by many people (Hannah swears by them) that the J. Crew shorts are universally flattering. The only shorts in the store, however, are the 5'' length and the Bermuda shorts, both of which look horrendous on me. The 5'' are just too short for my legs and the Bermudas are cut just way too slim. I need chubby kid size. Perhaps I will break down and order the 7'' length shorts from the website and hope for the best, because in addition to being a chubby kid, I am also lazy having to return items via mail is a lot of work.


Perhaps I could also try these shorts from Gap. The flat-front could be flattering and they look like they flare out just a little. 


Also a contender: these trouser shorts from Brooks Brothers. Although the length is nice, its high waist and overall fit is a little mature for me. Perhaps if I got them in a lovely bright color or seersucker to keep them younger-looking?


If I could fathom spending $198 on shorts, this whole Ralph Lauren outfit would be MINE.

Then again, I'd probably be okay with ditching shorts and wearing these all summer instead.

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  1. Shorts are dumb, says me. I finally got a pair of Berumdas last summer, but hadn't worn shorts for about eight years before that. Skirts are yummier for me.