Monday, February 16, 2009

Derelicte and duck boots

I am currently vacationing in the Adirondacks avec ma famille pretty close to the middle of nowhere (actual place). I am stealing internet from a neighbor so hopefully my signal is strong enough to post. It is lovely because I can go outside without any makeup and my hair being a huge mess and generally looking like a homeless person and no one cares. I can even wear my L.L. Bean duck boots which I secretly love but hate to wear in New York because of judging eyes. Nina Garcia suggests in one of her style books to wear duck boots ONLY with matchstick jeans, tucked in, and a crisp white oxford. This is not possible for me, as I am actually the size of a beached whale, and pretty much regard matchstick jeans as Satan in denim form. Anyway, I have gone the way of full-blown chubby-kid-jeans-and-duck-boots-wearing derelicte, since arriving on Saturday and I intend on staying that way until Wednesday. Oh happy redneck day!

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