Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pretty Packaging for Pretty Girls with Pretty Curls

So I went to the salon this morning. I always feel my most disasterous at the salon, I'm never wearing make-up and I go from looking like a deranged lion (lots and lots of very long curly blond hair, LOTS) and progress to a sheep dog before winding up looking like an extra from Sweet Valley High (relaxer means flat ironing in the end) which all demoralizing surrounded by very posh women wearing make up and looking lovely with their short straight hair, all sipping lattes and sparkling water. But at the salon I was shown the new Bumble and Bumble curl products, (available by the litre!) which made me very happy and tomorrow or the next day my hair will be back to normal but better and I can play with these.


  1. these are without a doubt my most favourite curl products! even if i am a student, holy-crap, they are worth every penny i spend on them :) so lovely indeed and i'm glad you found them!

  2. I'm glad you feel this way too. I thought I really was the only person feeling so unglam and icky at hair salons while everyone looks so beautiful.