Monday, February 23, 2009

Corkboard and Fabric and Boxes and Things

Some how this weekend between work and watching the Oscars (whee Kate Winslet!) and going to see The International (why is Naomi Watts always put in the most boring clothing possible?) I managed to clean my room. After Lucky posted this I wanted to post pictures of my cork board windows. I have three panel windows across the longer side of my room above my desk and I cut cork tiles to fit between them to I can have my bumph up and still be able to sit looking out the windows. The desk came from my grandmother's childhood home in Gramercy Park. It moved with her to Edinburgh in the thirties when she married Granddad and then after my grandmother died it came back to the US with us. It's my fave.

Also in a fit of organization I painted these boxes with samples from Benjamin Moore (I did two coats but couldn't be bothered with a third so their a bit patchy, I organized all my rubbish in them since I can't really keep all fabric and papers and yarn on my desk. Since I'm staying in the parents guest room while I look for a new job I don't really have much room for storage and so they're just stacked next to the desk but they'll do for now.

The contents of the fabric box.

You can see the curtains I did this weekend behind the knitting basket. They're a bit more purple than they were meant to be. Oi vey. Too bad.

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