Friday, May 3, 2013



I’m off to my parents farm this weekend. I’m seeing my stylist (I always go back to the same girl who has been doing my hair since I was sixteen) for a keratin treatment (I hope I look like Veronica Lake magically afterwards) and maybe a trip to the flea market to keep an eye out for a cake stand or some lovely blue mason jars. Every time I’m at the flea market I want to be one of these people who buys things in the country and sells them on Etsy but I might not be on top of it enough yet to do that.  Instead I'll just keep an eye out for all the things the Best-Friend-From-High-School needs for her new apartment.  My littlest sister and I are going to make throw pillows with freezer paper stencils (my new fave) and I’m going to eat all of my mother’s delicious cooking.

  Have a good weekend!

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