Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spring Cleaning, Upholstering, Organizing, Culling, Moving, Rearranging

This has been my spring of discontent.  I'm really uncomfortable in our apartment, it has too many things in it, it's too small and there are a lot of little things that are driving me insane. I resolved to fix the things that caused me to feel bad and not worry about everything else (my life is not a photo shoot).    In the spirit of the 30 x 30 list (I've already made an appointment for #25 the facial and I'm saving up for my painting) I decided to make a list of concrete things that will make our apartment easier to use, more comfortable.  Things that alleviate guilt and make help our house feel homier. 

  • Get the leg fixed on Nana’s desk
  • Move couch to Elle’s and rearrange furniture (my little sister needs a couch and I have one too many)
  • Put glass in corner cabinet
  • Purge glassware and vases etc (this means ALL the Ball canning jars.  Does anyone have a good method of storing those little bastards?)
  • Replace plates with something that won’t score and chip constantly
  • Purge books (seriously, just do this one)
  • Come up with system for mail (maybe an old letter holder)
  • Get table for entryway (I have fantasies about a tall narrow apothecary drawer thingy or a card catalogy looking thing, a drawer for dog leash, for David’s keys.  I can't find a reproduction one that isn't gross and I can't find an antique one that fits my incredibly strict size limits,  now that Ikea doesn’t sell Moppe anymore I have fantasies about getting my parents favourite furniture maker to make one)
  • Frame Pennant (YES! For Christmas Dave got me the vintage HC pennant I’d been pining for!)
  • Get chair from Mom and Dad’s (remember this sucker?)
  • Reupholster chair (with what magestic magic?)
  • New Living Room Rug (like this?)
  • Living room art (rearrange, reassess with rearranged furniture)
  • Entry way light fixture (how do I hang it over a bare bulb? Can I make this or is that cray?)
  • Welcome mat (to keep the never ending mess tracked in on pet and human feet in the hall. Now, what kind???)
Phew.  Just writing it down feels like a start.  What are you working on this spring?

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