Friday, January 30, 2009

Martha, Martha, Martha

While I know there are many who resist the isles of Wal Mart for moral reasons (and I am behind you! Hurrah! Fight the power! the man! corporate monsters from Arkansas!) I am always sucked into their magical ability to sell me things I didn't know I needed (but oh so desperately do) and their fantastic power to fit The Last Kiss right there, four paces from fifteen yards of grey tulle (one day I shall make a tutu just to twirl in) and there, two isles away the magical kits. Courtesy of one M. Stewart, ever more wonderful for her brief stint as a stool pigeon, Wal Mart is now carrying magical little packets of precut tissue paper in lovely colours, complete with directors to fold, twist, pull into existence flowers or pouffy tissue paper pom poms. There are also cards to be bedazzled with birds and butterflies and if you happen to like finger puppets or pipe-cleaner animals you are in luck, Martha has you sorted. I made the pom-poms and they now hang over my bed (see above) kind of like a big kid mobile. The other night in need of something that wasn't knitting to do in front of the telly I started in on the flowers. They are also very nice, mine look very much like the ones in Martha's picture except that of the three varieties of flowers I could only make two. One of them was deeply flawed and wouldn't work at all. It may be because I'm an idiot (very possible) or that Martha has failed, if only slightly (seems impossible). Anyway, lacking a steady hand for cutting and having no lovely tissue paper available (where does one get such a thing in Canton, Mississippi?) these kits are pretty great. I'm wondering if I could make a chrysanthemum like the one from the kit out of tulle and put it on a pin, or my fictional tutu, or my head...


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