Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rant sans pictures, because its too upsetting to wait but...

I'm officially stating that Project Runway sucks hard this season. I have loved it until this season, I stuck by it through its slow start and bland contestants, through its boring challenges and its inconsistent judging, and were it not for my unwavering love for Tim Gunn and Michael Kors I would have stopped episodes ago. But now here we are, week whatever, and it sucks. so. bad.

Tonight was a bridal dress challenge with THE BIG TWIST: the "brides" were all recently divorced and they wanted to turn their wedding dresses into a hip, new outfit. To this I say congrats on moving on with your life, but really? REALLY? Although I've never been in this position, I can't imagine that if I was I would want the next phase of my life to include my wedding dress. I actually think that I would not want any part of it in any way, shape, or form. Taste level of the actual challenge aside, can we please talk about the judging?

Thank GOD for Michael Kors. If it weren't for his snide comments, I don't know how I would even be able to sit through it. Gordana won the challenge, which I do think I was deserved, as her dress, although not really my style, was clearly well constructed and looked lovely on the model. It came down to Epperson and Logan and although Epperson's dress maybe wasn't the most attractive thing in the world it looked like a ball gown compared to Logan's mess of an outfit that included possibly the most ill-fitting, unflattering, UNFINISHED trousers in recent memory paired with a lumpy, shiny top that was LUMPY and SHINY which did absolutely nothing for model's figure. Epperson, the one with the FINISHED garment, was sent home. This, my friends, would NEVER fly in previous seasons of Runway. NEVER. This I cannot cope with.

That being said, I'll probably watch until the end, and by probably, I mean I will. But I will complain. Be warned.

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