Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tutu For Me, Tutu For You

I TOLD YOU! I have a well documented and inappropriate love of tutus. I want to wear one around. David and I are taking his niece and nephew trick-or-treating and when we do Susie's going to wear a tutu. People *AHEM MARY* keep telling me that tutus are not for grown ups, to put down the crackpipe and settle. I will not settle. I love tutus. I want this one. Try to pretend that isn't a beautiful tutu. Go ahead and try. You can't. See? Tutus. They're a major thing.


  1. 1998 Carrie Bradshaw called. She wants her tutu back you crackhead.

  2. i think it's great. in fact, i think you and susie should BOTH dress in tutus for trick-or-treating. i always use "chaperoning" the kids as an excuse to still dress up on halloween. XD am such a kid.

  3. We can abstract this out. Tulle is crack.