Friday, December 4, 2009

This is why Mountain Dew is no longer part of my life

It's after two. The dishwasher, washing machine, dryer and stove are all going. I've baked 4 dozen cupcakes. I am wondering if it's a bad idea to frost them now. Probably. I went to help The Oldest-and-Best Friend with assembling favors and I ate a lot of chocolate and a Mountain Dew. Which I shouldn't do. I also had a left over piece of shower cake and a glass of milk. All of this after crying for a couple of hours. I think I might have problems. I came back and played with glitter, fabric, an iron and flour and food colouring.... and ate a lot of cake dough and more milk and listened to about five hours of NPR podcasts. Which I love.

Also: I learned I had the words to Don't Stop Believing wrong. Stupid Glee sorted me out. I know you ALL love Glee. I KNOW. You love it. Every single person except me loves it. I maintain it's because I'm the only one with good taste. In TV. On the planet. Bastards at NPR made me listen to it.

P.S. Yeah. I posted a picture of my dog. She's kind of cute and white and fluffy. And in my bed. Where I should be.


  1. But why the crying? I know, it's private. But I had to ask.

  2. Living alone and being unemployed is a deadly combination. There things that that have to wait for employment. Big things. Things involving white dresses, flowers, rings. They cannot happen until a job is found. Damn you Bernie Madoff.