Sunday, December 13, 2009


The Oldest-and-Best friend got married. And it was beautiful. And she was beautiful. And I who abhor first dances was converted because the two of them were so unbelievably cute. I might even dance at my own wedding (I am a grouch, I hate dancing. I didn't dance at the Oldest-and-Bests wedding. I did run out and get her White-Out and a white shirt for her brother and Pop-Tarts for another brother). I wore pink. And cried. And hugged all and sundry. David and I met at The Oldest-and-Best's engagement party (her husband [!!!!] is one of David's bests) so that was nice too. Lots of full circley, snuggly, soft love and happiness. The next day I flew to my parents house, leaving Susie behind (because they wouldn't let her on the plane, we got to the airport and those bastards wouldn't let her on) with David. I am going to stay here. Just for a little while.

This is the flower girl, Philomena. Seen before as a flower girl on this page (in her other big sister's wedding). She's having quite the year. She's a monster. I wanna squeeze her and play with her hair and spin her around but she's a monster. As this photo makes abundantly clear.

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