Saturday, August 20, 2011

Before and After: Lamps

I found these ridiculous rad lamps at a lawn sale while in the Adirondacks two weeks ago. Actually, my parents saw them first. My mother jokingly said, "I should get those for Mary," and I was all, "STOP THE CAR." I bargained with the nice lady selling them and managed to snag them for 35 dolla each. My parents think I should maybe possibly be committed but GREY GREEN CRYSTAL and I love SHINY things.

Grey Green Crystal. I cannot stress this enough.

They were very grimy and dusty and covered with years of dirt but with several sponges and lots of patience I got most of it off. I painted them white because I thought they would be too insane any other way.

Between buying the lamps, paint, and rewiring supplies, I did the whole thing for under 100 bucks. They are so awesome I almost cannot deal.

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