Sunday, August 21, 2011

DIY baby

I am currently obsessed with these type box jewelry racks and I decided to make a mini slightly less cool one out of a box lid (from one of these).

I painted it with a groovy paint sample and then lined the back with wrapping paper (from my most favourite place in Durham) using the good old magic of ModPodge and then hammered nails into the box. This was kind of a maga pain as the box lid it super thing. I used another board (for a floating shelf I have yet to assemble) as a backer so I wouldn't put holes in my floor.
adjusting the nails as far through as I wanted them to hang jewelry, I cut the nails off in the back with wire cutters and then glued the nails in place with Krazy Glue.

Then varnished the whole thing loads. Hurrah! I attached the ribbon on the back with thumb tacks.

Yay bathroom jewelry storage.

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  1. So so cool - what a creative and useful project.